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Advantages with servo motors from Minimotor

Minimotor - Advantages with servo motors from Minimotor

There are several advantages with the new servo motor from Minimotor!

Quick and simple installation
Less cables
Lower cost

BS-Series is a compact, brushless servo motor with integrated electronics from Minimotor. Thanks to the accurate feedback,
you can easily and accurately control the speed, position and torque. The BS-series has effects up to 880 W.

DBS is a newly developed version of the BS-series where you also get an open platform for fieldbus.
We offer CANopen, Profibus, Ethercat and Modbus. DBS exists in effects up to 235 W.

Both DBS and BS have IP65 as standard, like all motors from Minimotor.
As option we can offer planetary and worm gearboxes.

servomotorer - Advantages with servo motors from Minimotor

Do you want to see how DBS works? Click here!

We can also proved servo solutions from other suppliers. Contact us and we will inform you!