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Powermec is since 2003 a Swedish agent & in design company selling products from three business units:

  • Powersupplies
  • Small electrical motors
  • Electro mechanical components


Our head office with warehouse is located 20 km north of Stockholm and 10 km from the main Swedish airport Arlanda.
We also have office with warehouse in Norway, Denmark, Poland and Check republic.
The market in Finland is covered by a strong local distributor.

2010 we set up our branch office in Taiwan/Taipei. The purpose for the Taiwan office is to offer our customers
a local presence close to our manufacturers. Thanks to this office and the dedicated personnel, we can offer our
customer an excellent flexibility in each project. We can also visit any factory with very short notice if required.

Sometimes our customers move their production to Asia and in such cases we can easily offer customized
shipments and excellent logistical arrangements direct from our factory to your factory.

Powermec has, since founded in 2003, had a fantastic business growth with an average of 37% per year.
Our motto, “With right competence and experience supply the right products to the right price” have been both
successful and appreciated by our customers.

With highly motivated and dedicated personnel we can provide what we are promising. We always catch the
opportunity to learn more, stretch us a little bit extra – all for the good cause so our customers can feel and
appreciate what we are doing! This in opposite to mass distribution / catalogue sales companies where the
customer seldom receives the technical support or in-design our company offers.

With growing trust and respect we receive more and more inquiries for new products and services from our customers.
Thanks to long time experience from the market we have what it takes to help our customer optimize their end product.
We can either reduce the cost and keep the quality or increase the quality at the same cost.

We are fortunate to know and co-operation very close with the very best manufacturers in each product category!
They are leading the development of new products, certificates, market and environmental demands.
Together we have had a marvellous business development, relation and we will continue grow the business and
friendship together.

Since November 2015 Powermec is part of the Addtech group.

Welcome to Powermec!